Master Plan Update INPUT NEEDED

The Courtland Township Planning Commission has been working hard on the development of the master plan.  The members are currently reviewing the first draft of the planning document, and hope to recommend that the Township Board approve the draft plan for public review soon.  The master plan covers topics like housing, roads, trails, parks, preservation of natural resources and farms.  It's a road map for future land use decisions for Township officials!  Master Plan discussions happen at Planning Commission meetings.  Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 21, 2023 @ 7PM at the Township Hall.  Those interested, please check our monthly agendas on the website and consider attending a future meeting to give your input or contact the Township for more information.  Thank you to members of the community who took the community survey and attended the open house last winter!  The draft master plan will be posted on the Township website hopefully in the near future and public comments are welcome!